RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival

Nestled behind the truly majestic Hampton Court Palace lays the home and sprawling grounds of the UK’s largest flower show, the RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival. This year it starts on Tuesday 2nd July and finishes on Sunday 7th July where visitors came from far and wide to be dazzled by the multitude of show gardens and to get lots of hands on advice as well as endless shopping opportunities.

The RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival is the world’s largest annual flower show, spanning over 34 acres, and has been running since 1990. This year the headline sponsor is Viking Cruises. The show is placed on either side of the palace, and consists of Show Gardens, a Rose Marquee and Floral Marquee. As well as plant pavilions which consist of expert talks, workshops and exhibits.

There are plenty of ideas to take-away from a whole host of gardens. With the recent hot weather, and the promise of such weather trends in the future, it may well be worth taking some ideas from the ‘Beth Chatto: The Drought Resistant Garden’ designed by David Ward. David is the Garden director of the Beth Chatto Gardens and worked with Beth for over 35 years. His team have created her world-famous drought tolerant garden, which features a range of plants such as Nepeta and Verbascum, which have been chosen for their ability to cope with prolonged dry spells.

Beth Chatto's Gravel garden

Beth Chatto’s Gravel garden in Colchester, Essex, which was once a car park

Possibly not to a garden to everyone’s taste, but bringing home an important message from the Global Impact Garden category is the ‘On the Brink’ garden. It’s sponsored and built by Plastic Oceans and aims to draw attention to plastic blindness. At the centre of the garden is a fish-shaped structure made from old fishing nets, milk cartons and plastic bags. This garden communicates a hard-hitting message about the impact of plastic in our seas.

On the Brink garden

The ‘On the Brink’ garden aims to draw attention to plastic blindness

Brimming with activities, sights and sounds, RHS Hampton Court Palace Garden Festival is the perfect day out with family and friends. To find out more information and to book tickets, go to https://www.rhs.org.uk/shows-events/rhs-hampton-court-palace-garden-festival