Raised Patio to replace decking

Design Brief

My West Sussex based clients had a lovely established garden, but unfortunately their route from the house into the garden had become a somewhat precarious journey. The existing softwood decking had become a little unstable, had started to rot in places and was in need of replacement. There was a requirement for a dining area to comfortably accommodate up to 4 people  where my clients could entertain and enjoy being closer to the garden. The existing vegetable beds were to remain where they were currently situated, close to the house, in order to easily  harvest anything that was needed.

Garden Decking

Before – Rotten garden decking in need of replacement

There was a gradual slope leading down from the property into the garden which meant that the proposed height of the patio would exceed 300mm, necessitating the need to apply for planning permission. The proposed design was to be kept to the same footprint as the existing decked area in the hope that planning permission was more likely to be granted in this instance. Fortunately, after submitting the plans to the local Planning department, permission was granted to implement the design.

The Solution

Master plan garden design

2D design for replacement of decking with paving

3D Patio Garden Design

3D design for replacement of decking with paving

With the creation of raised borders by the house, the garden was brought closer to the property, grounding it to the garden itself.

Garden Patio and steps

After – New raised patio and borders

The bricks used matched the house making the overall look cohesive. The risers on the steps and header detail on the raised borders also tied in with the lintel detail of the house.

House lintel brickwork

House lintel brickwork

London Stone porcelain step detail

After – London Stone ‘Florence Beige’ chamfer edge step detail

London Stone ‘Florence Beige’ porcelain paving was chosen as the speckled beige colouring and slightly textured surface created a natural feel that blended well with both the house and surroundings. London Stones bespoke service was used to create a 40mm chamfer edge to the step treads.

Landscaping materials were sourced from London Stone
Landscaping was carried out by Ross of Conquest Creative Spaces and his team of landscapers

The clients were so pleased with the implementation of the garden design, that they also requested a planting plan for the raised garden borders.

Planting Plan for raised borders

Planting Plan for the raised borders

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished result.