Planting dilemma resolved

Planting Design Brief

This planting plan was for a recently landscaped back garden in Haywards Heath, West Sussex.

My client contacted me as they were struggling to decide on which plants would be suited to the newly created garden borders. Family members were in disagreement as to what the final solution should be. The colour scheme for the planting was to be a mixture of white, silver, blue/purple with evergreen structure for year-round interest.

The Solution

Towards the rear of the garden was a seated pergola area. A mixture of scented climbers were selected to grow up and over this spot, making it a relaxing part of the garden to unwind in.

Olive standards provided height to the raised borders, which were then under-planted with domed shaped Hebes and spherical shaped Alliums to compliment the structure that the Olives provided.

Spring interest was provided by a selection of early to late flowering bulbs to be planted in the Autumn.

Planting Plan

Garden Border Planting Plan

Planting Plan

Planting ‘Mood Board’

Planting Mood Board

Mood board for the Planting plan

Testimonial from the client