Welcome to our home

Design Brief
All of the renovations had been completed on the house, now it was time to make the entrance to it more welcoming.

Raised sleeper border

An L-shaped raised sleeper border contained most of the sub-soil from the driveway excavations and the only sign of life contained within it were from the weeds. The sub-soil, along with the weeds were removed and subsequently replaced with top soil in readiness for the planting.


Cherry blossom

The Solution
In order to provide structural interest, 3 Prunus ‘Snow Goose’ were planted along with evergreen shrubs such as Ceanothus, Choisya and Viburnum tinus which provided a backbone to the borders. A variety of perennials and bulbs complemented this planting and extended the season of interest.


Photo after planting

Borders following planting



Torrential rain towards the end of the planting meant that few photos were taken.



After Planting in June 2018

Borders in June this year



Following a harsh spring with the ‘Beast from the East’, planting has filled out and the borders have been transformed.



Testimonial from the client

Planting Plan

Raised border planting plan