Garden Basement Design

Garden Basement Design Update

Working with Julie to design our garden project has been very successful.

Our garden was accessed from a basement kitchen via some uneven brick steps that were falling apart, and also down a flight of rather steep stone steps from the ground floor. There was a narrow patio leading to a concrete area which had formerly been the floor of a garage.

We needed space and openness, and modernisation of the access. Julie’s design was brilliant.

The basement area was enlarged with new steps and raised flower beds. The steps down from the ground floor were rebuilt with a right turn halfway down. Both flights of steps now have railings. The patio area is now a single paved area, extending over the old concrete floor, with raised flower and herb beds and trellises around one end.

The sense of space is amazing, and the access is elegant. We had several meetings with Julie to finalise the design. Her ideas were bold whilst fitting in with our ideas and the limitations of the site. We would highly recommend her.

Jo & Colin Wilsdon
Hassocks, West Sussex
December 2022


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