Image of Echinacea Flowers

Transformed Front Garden

I love going around other people’s gardens and looking at what they’ve done. However when it came to redeveloping my own front garden I quickly concluded that doing it piecemeal and hoping the end result might eventually work was a serious mistake.

I originally invited three designers to view the garden and outline what they could offer. Julie was the only one willing to engage properly and put the time and effort in at the initial visit to help tease out the vague images and planting profiles I had in my mind.

She subsequently worked with my partner and I to identify plants that appealed to us and which would work in the planting scheme she was developing.

Julie was always willing to discuss options and possible alternatives. She’s obviously able to hold a clear picture in her head of what the end result would look like in a year or two. This helped us to understand why plants we had seen elsewhere wouldn’t fit into the style of garden we had asked her to work on.

She sourced all the plants I needed and when they were delivered today I could see they were all healthy and in excellent condition. By the end of the afternoon with both of us working on the planting I had a completely transformed front garden.

Throughout the whole process Julie was easy to work with and I would definitely recommend her to anyone wanting to improve their garden.

Patrick O’Grady
Upper Beeding, West Sussex
October 2023


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