Autumnal Tree colour

Garden Jobs in November

Cool, misty mornings and the last leaves clinging to the trees make this a beautiful and melancholy time of year. Ensure that you take some time in between carrying out the tasks below to make the most of this month.


  • Plant the last of your autumn bulbs. Tulip bulbs can be planted in pots and borders. Ensure they are covered with at least twice their depth of soil or compost
  • Lift dahlias tubers after the first frost, clean them off and store them in dry compost in a cool, frost-proof place
  • Leave any faded seed heads on perennials and ornamental grasses for the birds to eat
  • Plant bare-root hedging, roses, trees and shrubs, before the weather turns too cold
  • Move any half-hardy plants that are growing in containers to a greenhouse for the winter
  • Check any stakes and ties to ensure they are secure

Fruit and veg

  • Prune autumn-fruiting raspberries to the ground after they have been harvested
  • Plant garlic, shallots and onions, then cover with fleece


  • Insulate the greenhouse with bubble wrap
  • Check greenhouse plants regularly for any overwintering pests
  • Thoroughly clean greenhouse staging and glazing with disinfectant
  • Ventilate the greenhouse when the weather allows, particularly after watering and when paraffin heaters are used at night

Garden maintenance

  • Check bonfires carefully before lighting to make sure there isn’t any wildlife sheltering inside
  • Continue to mow the lawn if the grass is still growing and the weather is mild but raise the height of the blades
  • Collect any fallen leaves, especially from lawns and ponds, and place in bin bags. Add some water if the leaves are dry and then puncture the bag with a fork. Leave them to decompose into leaf mould
  • Raise outside┬ácontainers onto pot feet to prevent waterlogging and wrap bubble wrap or hessian around pots outside to protect from frost damage
  • Mulch around the crowns of perennials to give them extra protection from the winter weather. This will also help to improve the soil structure
  • Try to keep off the lawn if the ground is frozen to avoid damaging the grass

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