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Garden Jobs in September

This month heralds the start of autumn. Although the days may be getting shorter and temperatures cooler, there is still plenty of interest in the garden, with hints of autumn colour to come.

Here are a list of jobs to do this month.


  • Support tall late-flowering perennials
  • Deadhead and feed hanging basket displays to prolong flowering
  • Plant up containers for autumn interest, using cyclamen and other colourful bedding plants
  • Plant out spring-flowering biennials such as wallflowers, pansies and forget-me-nots
  • Plant spring-flowering bulbs
  • Collect seeds from your favourite plants
  • Bring tender potted plants under cover, or take cuttings
  • Start planting new trees, shrubs, climbers and perennials as the soil is still warm
  • Stop feeding trees and shrubs in containers
  • Last chance to force hyacinths for Christmas

Lawn Care
Now is a good time to carry out essential lawn maintenance to avoid waterlogging and compaction.

  • Scarify and aerate established lawns
  • Sand the lawn
  • Feed the lawn with an Autumn fertiliser
  • Reseed bare patches
  • Sow or turf new lawns

Fruit & Veg

  • Harvest marrows and the last courgettes
  • Lift maincrop potatoes, dry off and store
  • Plant out spring cabbage
  • Sow hardy greens such as winter lettuce and kale
  • Continue to harvest apples and pears, and pick autumn-fruiting raspberries
  • Plant onion sets, plant new strawberry plants and sow spring cabbage


  • As light levels start to fall, remove any shading from your greenhouse towards the end of the month in order that plants receive the maximum amount of light
  • Close greenhouse vents and doors in late afternoons when cool nights are forecast in order to trap in heat overnight
  • Check greenhouse heaters are in good working order
  • Reduce watering and ventilation in the greenhouse
  • Continue to pick off faded blooms and dead leaves from plants before fungal diseases have a chance to take hold

Garden Maintenance

  • Start clearing autumn debris to prevent pests and diseases overwintering
  • Clean out water butts and check downpipe fittings in preparation for autumn rains
  • Remove algae from water features and net ponds to keep out autumn leaves
  • Net ponds to prevent leaves falling into them

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